Testing is a complex process which calls for functional and process knowledge. At Crystal Graph Technology Group, we have a team of quality assurance specialists who have tested literally thousands of software releases.

Our complete, performance-related testing services such as performance analysis, benchmarking, load / stress testing and performance tuning are tailored to suit the needs of your organization.

We have over a decade's experience in working with commercial tools of quality engineering and testing. Our deep understanding of the field has allowed us to develop a wide range of tools for synthetic load generation, performance monitoring and automatic report generation.

We provide cutting-edge testing services for applications that are either stand-alone, client / server or web-based. We have set up numerous automated and interactive regression test environments, which ensure that the future releases of the application will be of superior quality and will be delivered on time.

Testing and QA Offerings:

Functionality and UI testing
Compatibility testing
Performance testing
Load / stress testing
Test Automation
Regression testing
Compliance testing
Compiler testing
White box testing
Black box testing
Acceptance testing
Web testing