Main Frams

Over the decades, mainframes have been supporting business critical applications across the globe. However, the comparatively higher cost of maintaining a mainframe environment, limited flexibility and agility in responding to business dynamics, and the demands associated with faster time-to-market are compelling businesses to migrate from mainframe environments to open systems. At Crystal Graph Technology Group, we have developed deep understanding of the mainframe environment, be it in the domain of technology platform or typical considerations that need to be addressed while migrating mainframe applications to open systems. In addition to managing apt translation of mainframe technology to open systems technology, Crystal Graph Technology Group has formulated a well defined approach for the following key considerations:

Identification and prioritization of business applications
Movement of monolithic and procedural mainframe applications to object oriented applications like Java
Movement from CUI to GUI
Security across all layers of business applications
Application performance / throughput
Cognizance of data center environment/operations.