Crystal Graph Consulting provides proven resourceful professionals, quality services, and solutions that result in optimum performance, improved performance indicators and decreased risk, at the lowest total cost.
We begin all of our projects by helping you determine the requirements of your application. We don't sit back and wait for you to tell us what you need: we interact with you to make sure that your solution meets industry best practices. If there's a better way to do something, we won't hold back in telling you (though we do try to be polite about it). Once we've started gathering the requirements, we design the overall process and architect the best solution we can that fits your budget. The final step of our design process is the delivery of a prototype so you can see what we're going to build before you get too far along in the process to change your mind.
Crystal Graph Consulting Group's experienced team has expertise and a proven track record of delivery in a variety of different information technology fields. Our core skill sets include Database Architecture and Systems Development, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, Geospatial Information Systems, Software and Web Development, and PeopleSoft Development, cloud computing.